You can’t step into the pig sty without getting a little pig —- , well you know, on your shoes.

A recent Facebook exchange with a couple of dedicated conservatives made me realize that I should probably offer some further explanation about my decision not to vote for Donald Trump…no way…no how.

To give some background, they took exception to a Liberty and You Facebook post in which I characterized as cockroaches and vermin the Alt-right racists who have invaded and made themselves at home in the midst of the Trump campaign. They felt that in some way I was painting all Trump supporters with that brush. To be clear, I was not.

My point in the post was that true conservatives, good people, who support Trump must by default rub shoulders with these sleazebags (ooops, there I go again). It is unavoidable. They may not have one racist thought or bigoted bone in their body, but they are in proximity to a number of people who do. You can’t step into the pig sty without getting a little pig —- , well you know, on your shoes. I think it’s one of Newton’s laws.

The post contained a link to a National Review article by David French in which he recounts the racial slurs, attacks, hate and threats he and his family have endured from Alt-right Trump followers since he announced his intention not to support Donald Trump in the election. You can see the full article here –> National Review.

In short, the Facebookers felt that somehow they were included among the racist cockroaches and vermin I described. I explained to them that they were not, that my point was that as Trump supporters they were obliged by default to rub shoulders with said cockroaches. Apparently, that was not sufficient.

They then began to explain in dissertation form on my personal Facebook page why voting for Donald Trump was imperative for any right-minded, thinking conservative who cares about the country. I realized after reading their remarks that a longer response and explanation was due to them than could be made in a Facebook post, so, here it is.

Let’s begin with their comments and my responses. In the interest of semi-privacy (not that anything on Facebook is private), I have changed their names to Bob and Joe. You can find the original Facebook post at Liberty and You, posted October 22 at 6:20 am.

 Bob – As we are not “friends” on facebook Glenn, it was brought to my attention that you had posted this on your page. To be labled a “rascist” and a “cockroach” because I don’t want one of the most corrupt liars in modern day goverment to continue guiding this country on a path to socialism/communism, then so be it. My eyes are wide open to the current fleecing of our country and the continued desecration of our freedom and constitutional rights. I’m sure she will win, the overseer of the Democratic party George Soros and one of his company’s that own voting machines in many states will see to it.

 Me – The point is that Trump supporters, good people like yourself, are forced by default to rub shoulders with the cockroaches that Trump has attracted. To think that Trump is not part of the corrupt establishment is ridiculous. He is and always has been. A Trump presidency is as likely to erode Constitutional freedoms as Clinton. As for insulting you. That was not my intent. Have a great day.

Joe –  So the choice is a president that will ” likely “erode our constitutional rights. Or a candidate that will erode our constitutional rights. I’m going with likely

Me –  Yep, because voting for the lesser of evils has really worked out well for the country hasn’t it.

Joe – And pouting because your guy didn’t win helps right?

Me –  Not pouting, just pointing out the reality

Joe –  Reality is choice of Trump or Clinton. Which will put in a more conservative Supreme Court? Who is going to protect the second amendment? Who is going to lower taxes? Who is going to promote small business? Trump maybe, Clinton No. That is reality

Me – Okay Joe. There is another choice for me since I consider both candidates equally dangerous for America. You and I disagree on that. I can live with that, so let’s give it a rest. I am not changing your mind and you’re not going to change mine. I have to get to work now so have a good day.

Bob – I’m going to respond to this one more time;
The left has an agenda of One World Government, a socialist/communist government for all. They have been using the strategy of Rules for Radicals for many years; one of the tactics of this strategy is to divide the people. In the last eight years they have progressed and been very successful with this tactic at an alarming rate. Look at the issues our government promotes and uses. Race Relations, Income Inequality, Religion and Political Affiliation to name a few. It has become a sad state that we cannot discuss or state our political view or beliefs without name calling and degrading those that disagree or have a different belief than theirs. Their plan is working.
Trump was not my first choice. Hell, he wasn’t my second either. Trump concerns me. Clinton scares the hell out of me! Trump comes closer to my conservative and Constitutional beliefs than Clinton does hands down. As stated before, the Supreme Court appointees are a major factor in this election. If she is elected, she will appoint extremely far left judges that will decimate the constitution to a point we will never recover. Reality is there is no way possible a third party has a chance to win. And if the left can get as many Republicans to “revolt” against their elected representative by voting third party or staying home and not voting are votes for Clinton. Trump, just not sure. Clinton, we know without a doubt. Unfortunately, I suspect that voter fraud and government corruption is so prevalent that it’s all smoke and mirrors anyway.

Okay, they raised some valid points. In fact, I happen to agree with nearly all of their concerns. Where I disagree strongly is in the idea that Donald Trump is the solution. He is not. He is a symptom of our condition and a continuation of all that is wrong with the system.

His appeal to the basest of our emotions and passions is not healthy for us as a people or a nation, and in continuing to vote for the lesser of the evils presented to us, we perpetuate the system that we all agree is broken and corrupt.

So let’s break things down to the major issues Bob and Joe raised and go through it point by point:

Defeat Hillary at all costs! We don’t need a liar in the presidency

Bob says Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt liars in modern day government. I agree completely. In fact, she should be in jail, or at least preparing her defense for her upcoming trial. She isn’t and she won’t be because we have a broken and corrupt system. Yes, I admit it and we, not The Donald, need to fix it.

Facts are not Donald Trump’s best friend.

Here’s an inconvenient truth and one of the reasons why I cannot support Donald Trump. He is a liar…a monumental, boldfaced liar who rivals Hillary for the title Liar-in-Chief.

Following are a few examples, but if you want to see the voluminous record of his lies, here’s a Google search page that will help. (Google search) I know. Trumpies are going to scream that the list is compiled by the liberal press and that’s just not fair. They are right; the press is largely liberal, except for Fox News which has turned into one continuous Trump Infomercial, but the facts are facts and, unfortunately for Trump, so are the video and audio recordings.

 *Trump claims he never defamed or demeaned women – Uh, yeah he did, He has and there is a pattern of it. A few examples:

– Megyn Kelly called him out on past demeaning statements about women and not long after he stated with that innocent “just between you and me” look that she must have been having her menstrual cycle. Classy Donald… and denying it is a lie.

– Ridiculing Carly Fiorina’s Face, saying can you imagine that face as our next president. Yep, he did it. We all saw it. He denies it.

– Or in Trump’s own words:

“Bad press doesn’t matter when you have a sexy girlfriend.”

“Women hate prenups because they are all gold diggers..”

 “My favorite part [of ‘Pulp Fiction’] is when Sam has his gun out in the diner and he tells the guy to tell his girlfriend to shut up. Tell that bitch to be cool. Say: ‘Bitch be cool.’ I love those lines.” — TrumpNation: The Art of Being The Donald, 2005

Okay I know, there is an element among Trump supporters who are winking and nodding and nudging each other in the ribs, proud of their guy and that he tells it like it is… even his feelings about women. Just locker room talk that is to be expected from such a powerful man who doesn’t care what people think

 Here are a few more prevarications documented by Pulitzer Prize Winning Politifact:

 * “I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down,” he said at a Nov. 21 rally in Birmingham, Ala. “And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.” Pants on Fire. There is no video of thousands of people in Jersey City cheering. Months later, Trump continues to stand by his claim but has not been able to point to evidence to back it up. Public Safety officials on the ground in New Jersey say it never happened.

 * “The Mexican government … they send the bad ones over.” Pants on Fire. There’s no evidence to show the Mexican government encourages criminals to cross the border. Most illegal immigration comes from people seeking work. Recent estimates show illegal immigration from Mexico dropped off dramatically during the recession and has remained low.

 * “Whites killed by whites — 16%. Whites killed by blacks — 81%,” said an image he shared on Twitter. Pants on Fire. Most people are killed by someone they know, and someone of the same race. The correct number for whites killed by whites was 82 percent in 2014, while the number of whites killed by blacks was 15 percent.

 And, here’s a recent one you all know.

*He has said in the past that he never went personally bankrupt. Yep, he did, we know that now for a fact. His leaked tax returns show that he lost almost a billion dollars. He claimed in front of everyone that the reason for that and that he paid no income taxes for almost 20 years as a result was “I am smart.”

That in itself should raise red flags for anyone who takes the time to think it through. A billion dollar bankruptcy means that a billion or more was owed to investors, employees, small businesses that provided goods and services to Trump’s failed casino hotels, airline, university. The sum total of the pain he inflicted because he was “smart” may never be known, but his callousness towards it should be cautionary for all of us as we consider the possibility that he will be our next president.

There are far too many for me to provide a full breakdown of Trump’s lies, and in fact, they go back for decades so if you need further proof that Donald Trump has a proclivity for saying things that are not true, here’s the search link again, (Google search) or just Google it yourself.

Many will say, “Yeah, he bends the truth, but all politicians do that. At least he didn’t lie about Benghazi like Hillary!”

No, he has not told a lie on that scale… yet… simply because he has not been in that position… yet. Does anyone truthfully think that his propensity to lie, to exaggerate, to tell the big whopper is going to end the moment he takes the oath of office?

To employ an overused cliché, it is what it is…and he is what he is. Donald Trump is a monumental, lifelong liar. He will not suddenly become a pillar of truth and righteousness.

I know there are many who agree with him that he has no need of repentance as he told the Christian Post in an interview. They say, “Donald works hard. He’s speaking for us so he can do no wrong. If he tells the occasional lie for our benefit then right on Donald, we’re with you.”

So be it. I realize I am not convincing anyone here. I’m just laying it out for the record, for Bob and Joe, for others who have asked if I am serious about not voting for Trump. I am serious.

 The Supreme Court

It is right behind Hillary on the list of reasons to support Trump. It is the rationale that people who admit, as Bob did, that Trump was not their first choice or even second choice. They are afraid of what Hillary will do to the Supreme Court. So am I.

I am equally afraid of what Trump will do to the Supreme Court. The Great Negotiator will find the best deal for… no, not you and me… for himself as he has with his many Bankruptcies. I suppose that’s because he is so “smart”.

The key problem in our country today is not the current campaign for the presidency.

Let me begin by saying that there are more issues at stake than the Second Amendment, although that is the one Trump supporters hold up as key. First among the Amendments is the right to Free Speech, and from government interference in religion, and to assemble in groups and to petition the government. Trump’s assaults on Free Speech and his promises to control opposing voices through legal action is as concerning to me as the potential assault by the left on the right to bear arms. See the article in the conservative National Review for more detail.

Yes, preserving the integrity of the Supreme Court is critical. The interesting thing about the Supreme Court is that while a president can nominate a justice candidate, the Senate must approve the nomination.

The key problem in our country today is not the current campaign for the presidency. It is the struggle to elect conservative constitutionalists to Congress who are responsive to the will of the people and who will protect the constitution as they are sworn to do.

I stand in awe of the Founders, who could see so clearly the need for this check and balance. It is as if they saw the inevitability of a Trump/Hillary presidential campaign… as if they knew that eventually the propensity to vote for the lesser of evils would leave us with nothing but evil and no good choices.

But, they gave us a solution… a protection against the evil. It is called the Congress, a body of legislators representing the people and not the will of a despot.

There should have never been be a concern that a rogue president from either party would play loose with the Supreme Court and the Constitution. Unfortunately, the concern about it today rises almost entirely from the lack of faith we collectively have in the legislative branch of our government.

We all know it. Anger at the Legislative failures by a Republican majority is the reason we are in the position today of having the two most unqualified persons to have ever run for president (and that is saying something) on the ballot. Congress’ failure to oppose our current president’s reign of executive tyranny has people angry, including me.

But replacing one lying despot with another is not the answer. The answer is to start now to change the system.

That brings me to the third main point that was made in response to my post.

 The System is corrupt

It is indeed, and Donald Trump has been a part of that corrupt system for all of his privileged life. To believe that the lifelong liberal democrat, changed his beliefs in 2015, coincidentally when he began to run for president, is ludicrous. Donald Trump’s past statements demonstrate clearly his true positions on issues of importance to conservatives and Republicans. But, he is a reality star and ultimate self-promoter and he knows how to manipulate the media and the public for ratings. That is all the election really is to him… ratings, hence his constant reference to the latest polls (when he is ahead anyway). He wants to be number one in his time slot.

Donald Trump cannot make America Great again. The symptom cannot cure the disease.

To believe that he can is to postpone the inevitable awakening that we must come to as a nation. Only we… you and I… can make America great again.

We can limit terms simply by putting our outstretched hands back in our pockets, ceasing to look for handouts and government protections, and voting out legislators who have been in office long enough. We can protect the constitution and the Supreme Court by electing decent, hardworking people who know where their power comes from… us…, and whom they work for…us again.

We can wake up and realize that the salvation of the nation does not rest in one man but in the collective “We the People.”

No, I will not be voting for Donald Trump. Yes, I know that my candidate, Evan McMullin has no chance of winning. He knows it too.

For me this year is about taking a stand against the corruption of the system and degradation of freedom that has become acceptable in our society. It is about sending a message that I refuse to play the game and support either corrupt and unacceptable candidate. Enough is enough.

Many of my friends who support Trump say to me what the Bob and Joe said, “He wasn’t my first choice. Hell, he wasn’t even my second choice.” They in effect are doing what Ted Cruz suggested we all do. They are voting their conscience. I understand that and respect it.

Hopefully, they understand that my decision is as carefully considered and principled as theirs. Some, like Joe accuse those of us who oppose Trump of “pouting” or of voting for another candidate out of spite.

That is a childish and condescending attitude. Those I know who have made this choice have done so with as much care and consideration as Trump supporters have taken in their decision, and we know the backlash that awaits us if Trump loses.

Bob said that the left’s strategy was to divide us. I believe he is correct. I also believe that Donald Trump has been their most effective tool. He is part of their corrupt system.

Today the polls are not favorable to Trump. I don’t believe polls much, and I have no doubt that he may yet pull a victory from the shambles of his campaign. If he does not, in typical Trump fashion, the fingers will inevitably be pointed at those of us who opposed him. As is always the case with a narcissist, he is incapable of accepting responsibility for his own failure.

Forget the fact the he is a man I would never allow to be in a room alone with my daughter or wife.

Put aside all of his buffoonish idiocy such as accusing Ted Cruz’s father of being involved in the Kennedy assassination and using a supermarket tabloid, the National Enquirer as proof positive that he was right.

Ignore that he has, in fact, attracted the likes of David Duke and the Alt-right racists to his camp, which was the original point of this Facebook episode.

Forget all that.

The simple truth is that had Trump spent less time attacking other Republicans, mocking, shouting nasty slogans, tweeting incessantly about anyone who opposes or offends him… had he built a united constituency based firmly on true constitutional principles, not just mouthing the correct words supplied by Laura Ingraham or Sean Hannity, in order to mollify conservatives when he put his fat foot in his mouth on issues of concern to them. If he had welcomed everyone into that movement, he would be leading Hillary in the polls and in the hearts of conservatives.

This election should have been a slam-dunk win for Republicans. After eight years of executive order tyranny, Americans were ready to give them the White House. In truth, any of the other Republican candidates would be leading Clinton by double digits right now.

This opportunity was lost the day the Republican establishment nominated Donald Trump. From that moment on, the election has been in doubt. Should Trump lose, the fault rests on his shoulders and theirs… period.

While I strongly disagree with the reasoning, I respect my Republican friends who feel they must support Trump in their efforts to save the nation. I know they have made their choice deliberately. For some it has been difficult because they see Trump’s flawed character as clearly as I do. They are doing what they feel is best for the country. I support their right to do so.

As for me and my vote… it is my vote. It does not belong to Donald Trump, the Republican Party or any other party. My vote is not wasted. It is a statement of what I believe and of my faith in what America can be if we as voters collectively decide to do something to change the broken system of cronyism that began evolving nearly as soon as the ink dried on the Constitution.

I make no apology for my deliberate choice not to vote for Trump, I can live with it. I have seen it asked in social media, “What will you tell your children and grandchildren when they ask you about this election and its results?”

My answer – I chose to vote against hate and tyranny. I opposed the corruption of a system that was manipulated from both sides of the aisle. I chose to vote for honor and decency in the hope that somehow Americans will wake up to the real problem and the solution which is… “We the People”.