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The Big Flip Flop … that’s how Trump’s “modified” immigration plan will go down in history.

It’s the Bush/Gang of Eight Plan in a Nutshell

Basically, he has adopted the Jeb Bush plan, you know, the one he publicly mocked and used to attack Bush. It works like this … the 11 plus million immigrants who are non-violent and productive members of the community can stay as long as they pay a fine in the way of back taxes owed. That’s pretty much Jeb Bush’s and the Gang of Eight’s plan in a nutshell.

Trumpites still clinging to the hope that he will fulfill the many promises he made on the issues he demagogued to get primary votes are walking on very thin ice in the hot month of August. Even the ever-shrill Ann Coulter is turning on him, saying she is canceling her book tour extolling the virtues of the “Great Leader”. Sadly their man is a man of many and any faces, the ultimate manipulator and he has manipulated Republicans out of contention for the White House

Of course, crotch sniffers like Hannity, Ingraham, Limbaugh, Fox News in general and others who tied their wagon to Trump’s rising star for the sake of ratings will probably be there to the end. They have no choice now.

Throwing Away the Election in Exchange for a Tantrum- Well Done

Conservative Republicans welcomed the new Alt-right wing into the party because they were understandably angry at Boehner, McConnell, Ryan and the rest of Republican leadership. They embraced them in order to wrench control of the party away from the ” Establishment” allowing a strongly racist element to gain a foothold in the party of Lincoln.

Congratulations. They succeeded. In the process, for the sake of venting their anger and throwing a tantrum, they gave the election away to the most beatable Democratic candidate in decades. Well done.

They Will Not Steal My Vote

Amidst the shouted curses of traitor, Constitutional conservatives like myself continue the search for a candidate for whom they can vote with a clear conscience. I may have found one; Evan McMulin. I’ll share more about him in an upcoming post.

As for those who want to call names, I say simply that my vote is mine. It does not belong to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or any other candidate. It is mine. I will cast it for the person I decide best deserves it, and right now that is none of the major candidates.

Mr. Trump and his Alt-right minions may have stolen the election. They will not steal my vote.