Trump, Tancredo and the Mormons

This drips with gooey, sticky hypocrisy. Tom Tancredo says Mormons ought to get on board the Trump train. Some, in fact, have joined the Trump movement.

To my LDS friends supporting the Almighty Donald, you might want to give this some thought. Tom Tancredo who virtually eliminated the Republican party in Colorado with his third party run based on many of the same bigoted, Alt-right stances as Trump, is blaming…you guessed it…Mormons for Trump’s sinking poll numbers and loss of Utah support.

The “Alt-Right” (neo-nazi, white supremacist, klanner, bigoted ) segment of Trump’s support, personified by Tancredo and others like him, is significant and accounts for a goodly number of the “new” Republicans he has attracted to the party. It was inevitable that they would eventually bear down on the Mormon Church.

That Trump support in Utah is weak is not news. Neither is his annoyance with Mormons who just can’t catch the “vision” of a Trump presidency. Oppose The Donald and you will eventually be targeted by his thug-like minions led by the Alt-right and men like Tancredo.

Why is Trump’s ‘support among Mormons soft? There could be many reasons.  I tend to think it is because they see through his charade and see him for what he really is… an authoritarian ego-maniac.

Or it might also have something to do with their history of religious persecution… you know a little thing like the Mormon Extermination Order issued by another noble politician, Lilburn Boggs in 1838.

Mormons and their Missouri neighbors came into conflict in large measure because they were not in favor of slavery. That issue boiled for decades before the Civil War and as a western expansion slave-holding state, Missouri was a flashpoint. Local Missourians did not appreciate the LDS settlers who came into their midst with new fangled ideas like people should not be held in bondage and women should be able to vote… you know radical ideas like that.

So the Missouri savior, Governor Boggs, declared war on the Mormons. He then issued his infamous extermination order, which the local populace took to heart, intending to exterminate all Mormons from the face of the earth. Persecutions and outright murder there and in Illinois led to their migration to the west and settling in Utah.

So yeah, a would be demi-god with drone-like followers willing to excuse his excesses and willing to persecute anyone whom their deity vilifies will probably not be well-received by a people who know a thing or two about persecution.

Make no mistake. If Mormons were supporting Trump in droves, if Utah were securely in the Trump camp, he would be saying things like “My support among Mormons is great…Mormons love me…You wouldn’t believe how great the Mormons are, how much they love me… those Utah people are the greatest. It says so right there in Two Philippians…”

Utah’s great sin in the eyes of the Trumpites is that they are not blindly following him to the altar of Trump. I know some good Mormons who do support him.They are attracted by his tough talk about closing the border with Mexico despite Tom Tancredo’s claims to the contrary. But based on the polls many, at least in Utah, are not in favor of his outlandish, offensive, indecent, obscene, mocking, tyrannical style.

Let’s be clear.  Utah is a red state… dark, deep cardinal, dyed-in-the-wool red conservative. If Trump loses Utah it is because he is not a conservative and not because most Utahns are liberals (they are not) or soft on immigration (the ones I  know are not).

Apparently, the “Never Hillary” argument is as lost on Utah voters as it is on me and my other non-Mormon friends who find it impossible to support a candidate who shreds the Constitution with every word screamed at his rallies.

And please spare me the 2nd Amendment argument. Trump no more believes in the 2nd Amendment than Hillary does. Trump believes in Trump.

In his words, “Those 2nd Amendment people, they love me.” He says what is necessary to rally his minions. If Republicans were opposed to the right to bear arms, Trump would be rabidly anti-2nd Amendment. It’s not complicated once you understand what you are dealing with… a man without principles or core beliefs except his belief in his own wonderfulness.

There is more at stake than the 2nd Amendment. I know that sounds like blasphemy to some of my friends, but there are little things like, you know… the remaining nine Amendments that make up the Bill of Rights.

The first of those was the guarantee of freedom of speech and religious liberty. Ever wonder why Freedom of speech is first?

It reads as follows:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

Maybe it was first because without those freedoms all others are unattainable and voided. Anyone really believe Trump is a free speech advocate? The man who wants to sue any media outlet that doesn’t grovel before him?

Are you comfortable that he would never find ways to persecute, or at least make life very difficult if he could for any, church, organization or person who spoke ill of him, disagreed with him or contradicted him? In Trump’s kingdom, all is well unless you incur the wrath of the king, Bill of rights and the rest of the Constitution be damned.

Constitutional governance requires more than simply mouthing support for something to be elected. It requires a deep and abiding dedication to, and belief in, all of the principles of Liberty that were the basis for the founding of this nation. Trump has neither.

One issue voters (in this case immigration or the 2nd Amendment) seem willing to close their eyes to all of the other Constitutional abuses a Trump, or Hillary, presidency promises. I am not. Apparently, neither are many of Utah’s Mormons. I am happy to stand with them.

Tancredo’s hypocrisy is so gooey and sticky it makes you want to take a shower. When it suited him to mount a third party campaign and destroy the Colorado GOP, that was fine … it was patriotic. Now that many conservatives find it impossible to vote for a man espousing Tancredo’s bigoted Alt-right populist tripe, any third party consideration is not only unpatriotic; it is blasphemous in the eyes of Trumpites.

Mormons have been called blasphemous in the past. No doubt, they will survive this round of intolerance. The question is will our nation survive the new religion of Trump.

Wake up America!