December 10, 2015 – Glenn Trust

Always amazing how The Donald can say what he wants, about whoever he wants, in the nastiest way he wants, and his followers applaud and shout and sing hallelujah like it was the second coming of Christ. However, let anyone say anything negative about their pompous leader (oops, did I say something negative…go figure) and they come unglued. Poor Donald…everyone picks on Donald…Donald is our hero….we love Donald…Donald tells it like it is….Just don’t let anyone else tell it like it is about Lord Donald.

Well, I’ve got a few things to say about Donald Trump and the mindless adulation he is receiving from the masses who are fed up with Washington. By the way, I get it. I’m fed up too…but blinding yourself to what Trump really stands for is ensuring that the Democrats win…that’s the truth, and if you don’t see it, then you truly have been blinded by his tough talk.

So let me begin with this. Trump is not your friend. For those who think Trump is a conservative and become irate if anyone says anything negative about him despite his tendency to abuse anyone who doesn’t agree with him, here are a few reasons why I absolutely oppose Donald Trump for the Republican nomination:

 1 – His willingness to trample the Constitution on any issue as long as it gets him a roar of approval from his adoring followers. These are almost too numerous to mention but as one example, his wave of a hand that would eliminate the 14th Amendment to the Constitution…if he could. For the record, I oppose illegal immigration as well, but I refuse to trample on the Constitution. With the will (something Congress and our president lack) illegal immigration could be resolved in short order and without throwing away the rights that 750,000 Americans gave their lives over in resolving the Civil War.

2 – His support for Eminent Domain the epitome of the big government tool. In his words, “I think it’s wonderful.” Why? Because he has built a lot of buildings on land claimed by local government through eminent domain from property owners who did not want to give up their property. So, it must be wonderful because it’s good for Trump…right? Enough said. That alone should give any objective reader a look at his soul and character.

3 – His support for a single payer Healthcare system far beyond even the current Obamacare laws. I know he “changed his mind” on that one now that he’s running as a Republican … convenient.

4 – His former status as a registered Democrat … another little thing he changed a few years ago when he first started toying with the idea of a presidential run.

5 – His threats and possible willingness to run as an independent if he gets his feelings hurt and doesn’t get the nomination, thereby splitting the vote and ensuring a Hillary Clinton Whitehouse … by the way… ever consider that he has a long relationship with the Clintons and his campaign has made what was a sure thing for Republicans into a doubtful thing. Does the great “Deal Maker” have a deal in the works with his Clinton buddies as long as Hillary wins? Just asking. I know, it would sound silly about any other candidate but for The Donald? It would be right in character.

6 – Inability to articulate an actual policy on any issue. Example … Defeat ISIS Rubio, Fiorina, Cruz have actual plans to eliminate our enemies who want to kill us. Trump just dusts off another version of his “close the border” diatribe because he knows anything on immigration will get him another roar of approval from his followers.
His people like to point to his tax plan because it “goes after hedge fund managers” (he isn’t one conveniently for him) but the tax code doesn’t really change, and his businesses still get to use all the loopholes in the current tax code. Again, whatever is good for The Donald…it’s all smoke and mirrors for his followers.

7 – His idea that Putin’s effort to assume leadership in the Middle East is a “great thing” without understanding that it is part of a broader Putin strategy to force the U.S. into a corner and restore Russia as a dominant and Dark Power in the world. Trump’s immaturity and ignorance on this issue are astounding and mirror our current president’s.

8 – His disrespect and downright meanness towards anyone who questions or disagrees with him. Nastiness is not Leadership.

I could go on, but the point is that Trump is about Trump … not America. His tough talk is for the crowds, and he will say anything to keep hearing the applause and approbation. His ego and narcissism may well ensure another Democrat in the Whitehouse and a continuation of the darkness into which our country has sunk during the Obama presidency.

There are great constitutional conservative candidates out there. Pick one.
My hope is, actually it’s a prayer, that at some point eyes will open to Trump’s true character and the discussion will stop being about his latest outrageous proclamation and will be about a true leader who can lead the country out of the darkness.