Muslim ID Card2

Let me be clear. I have said emphatically and repeatedly that Islamic terrorism is an existential threat to our nation and our Liberty. So-called Moderate Muslims, the few that exist, are not the norm and are on the outside of the vast majority of the global Islamic population. I have not changed that position.

But, there is a wave of panic sweeping the nation that seems to be changing who we are as a people and society that believes in Freedom and Liberty for all. I worry about our future and that by giving in to the panic, we will lose who we are and become like the demons we fight.

Notably, Donald Trump is making proclamations about what he would do to curb the Islamic threat. Closing mosques, requiring Muslims to register and carry ID cards are among his brilliant thoughts on the matter.

Of course, his followers, the Trumpies, shout their approbation and pound their fists in agreement. They like his tough talk. They like his no-nonsense approach. They like having someone stand up to defend them from the black-suited terrorists who want to kill us. They like Trump. It doesn’t matter what he says or how outlandish, the Trumpies will continue to like him…will bang their fists and shout and stamp their feet in support.

That concerns me. When appreciation for tough talk replaces the concern for Freedom, all of us are in jeopardy. At some point, reasonable discourse, firm policy, and forthright action must replace the bombast.

I am certain that some will take offense at the image that accompanies this post. I fully expect to lose followers and readers, but this is too important not to say.

We cannot allow our desire to live in peace and without fear to be highjacked by someone who would destroy the Freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. The cause of Freedom requires that we accord to all the same rights that we take for ourselves. Allowing fear to overcome our love of Liberty puts that very Liberty at risk for all.

Many won’t like this analogy, but Hitler came to power through a democratic process. Germany had massive economic problems and social unrest. He was going to fix things. He talked tough…and was elected.

When he began taking measures to deal with the problems the people loved it. Jews were forced to identify themselves and wear the Star of David on their clothing. Failure to do so could result in death. Synagogues were closed. He confiscated their businesses and property. He sent them to concentration camps. Germany was “safe” from Jews.

Over time, all Germans began to live in fear of the Gestapo and SS. They feared saying too much or saying it too loudly in opposition. Opposition could cost you your life.

Can’t happen here? I beg to disagree. Jefferson assured us…warned us…“The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Fast forward to today. Talk of closing mosques, requiring Muslims to carry ID cards…these are not American values. This is not who we are.

There are evil Muslims in the world…and some good ones. Yes, we should make certain that we are safe from the threat of Islamic fundamentalists to our Western values and freedoms. Send as many to hell as we must to defeat them, but we must not allow fear to cause us to recoil from the basic Liberties that make the United States, the “Shining city on the hill” of which Reagan spoke.

Once you tread on the path of denying Liberty to any individual or group, you are on the path to losing your own Freedom. Each denial of rights leads smoothly and inexorably to the next until the only rights you have are the ones the government allows you to have. Your rights are yours, not to be taken away…unless you give them away. Do Not give them away, friends.

Want to end the threat of Islamic terrorism? Stand ready to defend yourself. Support those who put their lives on the line to defend us. Elect presidents, congresspersons and senators who won’t try to take away your right to bear arms and protect yourself, who will recognize the threat and call it what it is, who will act strongly to protect the nation and the Freedoms it preserves for all humanity from those who would destroy it.

To my friends who have fallen in lockstep behind the “Donald” please remember that tough talk is not a guarantee of Freedom. In fact, it is usually, the opposite. There a number of Republican candidates who will protect the nation while not destroying Liberty.

My friends, has fear taken over our hearts so much that we would change who we are…a people who loves Freedom and Liberty above anything else, even our own lives. Let us not become like the demons we are fighting.