Haven’t fact checked this,  but it sounds about right  …. the list of socialist handouts he promises in the name of freedom and income equality would steal freedom and resources from most of the population and bankrupt the country in the process.

Once a socialist always a socialist. Big Brother  must take care of everyone instead of getting out of the way and allowing people to take care of themselves, excel and be accountable for their own lives.

That he is rising in the polls demonstrates the true nature of the Progressive liberal Democrat party.

Unfortunately, Republicans, who should stand for Liberty, pander for votes in their own way with their own handouts and special interests. That they are the lesser of two evils goes without saying, but at some point we must rise up and restore the Constitutional republic that our country once was.

Not sure what the final answer will be, but a good start would be to eliminate the political aristocracy. Vote Them Out … both parties … all of them … and elect citizens again who believe in Freedom more than votes. There are a couple of viable, liberty loving candidates this go around who may fit the bill.