This graphic is so typically socialist /Democrat and deceptive … Avoid personal responsibility at all cost, blame the system and point fingers.  As usual the socialist answer is to confiscate from others to solve a problem that they have created.

 You might want to consider some other reasons for the disparity in educational standards with Finland.

For example, the Finns are better educated in general because they do not have a  large population of broken families without fathers in the home. Parents are deeply involved  in the education of their children and expect children to do well. Culturally education is important throughout Finland… not video games, hip hop music, and indulging children with whatever they desire. Ethnic diversity is almost non-existent which means the Finns do not waste  educational resources on appeasing ethnicities and focus on teaching basics.

Don’t like  the way the schools are run?  Who did you vote for in the last school district election?

In  short, we don’t have an education problem. We have a cultural problem of self-indulgence and failure to accept personal responsibility. Parents want education to just happen at school without taking any responsibility for the outcome. As long as we keep throwing money at the problem without fixing the indemic cultural problems in our society, nothing will change.

Want to  point fingers at the problem with education in America? Point them at yourself.