Sign in Window for Cops

Absurd. That’s the best word I can come up with for people who try stunts like this (see pic above) posting a sign in the window of a car and refusing to follow directions from police officers under the guise of asserting their individual rights.

I have in the past years called myself a libertarian. Lately, I have changed that appellation more and more to Constitutional Independent. Why? Because absurd anarchist bullshit like this masquerading under the label of “Libertarian” chaps my ass.

Let me be clear. This ridiculous sign pretending to be some official statement and claim of individual rights in a perceived “police state” is not libertarian. The idea that our personal liberties are being degraded and removed by police officers, whom we put in the line of fire to protect us is ludicrous. Are there occasionally, bad, incompetent or abusive officers on the road. Yes there are … occasionally…but the vast majority are hard-working, law-minded, freedom loving Americans like you and I.

In the interest of full-disclosure, I will state that I was also a cop for a number of years. And for the record, there are a number of reasons why an officer is completely justified in requiring you to roll your window down, show ID and answer questions as long as he/she has probable cause for the stop. Officer safety, further investigation, safety of the person stopped, safety of the general public come to mind. The officer making the stop has every right to ensure all of the above in order to perform his job…you know, the one you and I pay them to do.

The movement that encourages the use of this and similar flyers posted in windows when stopped by the police was started by a Florida lawyer who was trying to show people how to avoid a DUI arrest when stopped by the police. In other words he was trying to drum up business and improve his win/loss ratio in court. The flyers are really designed for one purpose. That is to assist law-breakers in evading detection.

Had too much to drink? Show the flyer, keep your window up and the officer will walk away…right? Wrong.

The police have a job to do, and it is a difficult one in today’s environment where everyone claims they are a victim and no one takes responsibility for their own actions. This sign/flyer and others like it obscure the real issue…the political aristocracy and constant erosion of our rights in order to fill the special interests of people like the ones who hold up these signs to their car windows

 Libertarianism is not about opposition to law enforcement.  It is about preservation  of liberty and the natural rights  of people. The overwhelmingly vast majority of police officers agree with these principles.  This ridiculous sign is merely a childish effort to avoid responsibility and blame others  (the police ) for your actions.

You think you have been wrongly accused of a crime or stopped  by police  … fight it in court as the constitutional law of the land provides.  By the way, all this sign will do is probably get your window broken. All states give police the authority to conduct a reasonable investigation during a traffic stop. There’s a reason for that … public safety and the rights of the rest of us on the road.

I saw this little flyer/sign posted on a so-called libertarian Facebook page, and I repeat my earlier assertion. This is not libertarianism, or if it is, it is just another reason I choose to not be labeled by such designations. I believe in Freedom and Liberty, not signs trying to antagonize the police.

In short, this is a supremely dumb idea and you won’t win. If you are a lawbreaker, endangering others, I want you caught. Remember the first principle of Libertarianism is non-aggression and in this case that means not violating the rights of others to be safe as they drive down the street.

If you are truly a believer in freedom, how about focusing on the lawmakers who continue to erode our natural rights and freedoms.  Police are not the enemy here. The political aristocracy is.

Anarchy is not libertarianism…or at least, it didn’t used to be.