From the headline here, you might have an idea how I feel about the Trump hype that has swallowed and belched away any rational debate on the issues among freedom loving conservatives. Apparently, republicans are just as willing as democrats to elect a candidate that says what they want to hear, regardless of his past record and a stated agenda that would violate our freedoms. Why? Because they like his words.

Obama did it. “I will fundamentally change America.” Dems and the fence sitting middle-of the-roaders who put him into office didn’t care about his past record as the most liberal senator or ties to socialist/communist thinkers. He was, after all, articulate, charming when he wanted to be, and come on…he was going to change America. Well that’s what he did. How do you like it, America?

Instead of allowing Trump the trumpeter, tooting his own horn, to dominate the media, because you like “tough talk” how about examining the positions and, equally importantly, the character of the other two non-politicians in the race…Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson.

I get it. People are upset with politicians who do nothing except to ensure that they remain in office. They hate the political aristocracy that we as a people have allowed to exist and flourish. Along comes a candidate who talks tough and …they love him. It’s a visceral reaction because they detest the politicians THEY have put in office. But, pointing the fingers at themselves is too uncomfortable.

Then, along comes a blow-hard who is willing to say whatever his audience wants to hear and conservatives, desperate for a breath of fresh air jump on the bandwagon, much the way liberals jumped on the Obama wagon. It’s not about truth for them; it’s about the hype and the tough talk. Eventually, they will discover that the breath of fresh air is not so fresh. It is stale, full of the stink of tyranny.

Let me be clear. I don’t give a shit about “tough talk”. I care about Truth and Freedom and Liberty, all of which will be in jeopardy if a man like Trump is elected to the executive office. Think I am out of my mind…too harsh on the “Donald”…losing touch with reality? Look at his record.

He says what his audience wants him to say. When interviewed by liberal media, he believes in a single payer healthcare system (socialized medicine), he is pro-choice (believes abortion is an acceptable form of contraception), he is a liberal New York democrat (his words, not mine)

His words have changed, you say. He has seen the light…changed his positions. 

No. His audience has changed. If Donald Trump thought he could be elected as a democrat he would be running against Hillary for the nomination and spouting his devotion to every liberal ideological position. Mark my words, a Trump presidency would be as disastrous to freedom as Barak Obama’s has been.

We have a chance to change things. I too am disgusted with politicians and their aristocratic rule that keeps them in power because they will never limit their own terms at the gravy trough.

I too think we need to vote for a non-politician this go-around, but it ain’t Trump. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are good people. In fact, as I examine the field of candidates from both parties I would submit to you that the two of them are the best people I have seen run for public office in a long while, possibly during my entire lifetime…and that’s a long time.

Both have solid conservative credentials. Neither are part of the political establishment. Both are leaders. Both have the ability to unite us. Both are good and decent people.

That is the breath of fresh air I am seeking…a good and decent person to vote for.

Ben or Carly for President! That’s a bandwagon I can jump on.