Big Brother - Glenn's Pic I have come up with a new term…Orwellian Creep…perhaps someone has coined it before me. If so, I apologize for claiming it, but it is upon us nonetheless.

What is it? Simple.

One of the reasons that I think many do not take the threat to our Liberty seriously is that it happens at a pace so slow that it is not immediately discernible to most. In George Orwell’s 1984, we are introduced to a world that has already succumbed to the protection of “Big Brother”, and he is everywhere…”Watching”…”Protecting”…Overshadowing every activity of every daily life.

In our own lives the advance of Big Government…the tendency to rely on government to remedy all of our problems and make excuses for all of our shortcomings, has been an incremental one. It has happened daily, but slowly over decades. It’s a bit like watching the hands of a clock. The movement may be imperceptible, but the hands do move, the hours do pass and the bell does eventually gong.

The result , however, is certain. As Big Government creeps into every aspect of our daily lives, we become more reliant on the goodwill of that government to allow us to prosper and  live in peace. We do not claim our Natural Right to do so, regardless of what the government or the PC Gangs may say, or the regulations governing our lives they may pass. Instead, we rely increasingly on government to “Allow” us to prosper and live in peace.

This is Orwellian Creep, or in other words, the advance of the “Big Brother” society that he envisioned in his apocalyptic, and prophetic novel 1984.

The latest case in point:

Cambridge, Massachusetts taxi drivers protest Uber and Lyft because they are hurting their business. It does not occur to them, or the government, to change their business model to become more competitive. No, they turn to the government to make Uber and Lyft go away, or become more like the Taxi drivers, expensive and inefficient. Taxi Drivers Strike to Protest Uber and Lyft

This protest would be comical if the precedent had not already been set. Something going wrong in your life? Get Big Brother to take care of it for you. Can’t compete in businesses? Don’t worry about improving. Government will take care of you… for your vote.

Some of you may know that I write books in my everyday life. So, I have an idea.

I think the books of James Patterson, John Grisham, David Baldacci, Stephen King (and a bunch of others) should be outlawed as they are unfairly taking readers away from me. What right do they have to affect my income? They are unfairly competing by coming up with better (maybe)  more entertaining books. It’s just not fair to all the little guys like me…boo hoo, boo hoo.

If I were to say such a thing, I hope someone would say…Shut the hell up, you whining, self-indulgent crybaby. Get my point?

It is ridiculous to think that I would ask the government to outlaw my competition. If I want more readers, I need to write better books, appeal to my customers’ tastes and needs and provide the best product that I can.

That’s right, it is ridiculous…for now. But along comes Orwellian Creep. Taxi drivers look to Big Brother to help them compete, the way banks and auto makers, and steel manufacturers, and airlines and…you name it. Inevitably, all business…all people…will rely on the government to ensure their prosperity.

I say, inevitably, but in truth, there is a solution. WAKE UP!

Big Brother only has power because “We the People” grant it. We do have the ability to take the power away…for now. I fear that eventually we will lose that ability, unless there is a true awakening of Freedom and Liberty, an awakening among all people…not just conservative, or libertarians or liberals…a true awakening that respects the rights of all others irrespective of their party, politics, religious beliefs, etc.. Without such an awakening, where party politics are put aside, I fear the battle may be lost.

Some may say, “I am a conservative, therefore I believe in Liberty”…or libertarian…or liberal…pick your team. The truth is each party…each group has an agenda that would take rights away from others if given the opportunity to have everyone abide by their particular creed and rules.

There can only be one agenda. Liberty and Freedom.

I use the term “We the People” above through the generosity of my heart. Actually, I think “We the Sheep” might be more appropriate in the current atmosphere of political correctness and government intrusion, party politics and one-upmanship.

There is hope that People, from both sides of the aisle and all political persuasions will recognize the loss of our Freedom and Liberty…that they will cease being sheep…that they will grant to others the same Freedom and Liberty they expect without the expectation that those others accept their particular creed in order to be free. But with every tick of the clock…every instance of Orwellian Creep…the hope dims and Big Brother become more powerful.