State Department Withholds  Benghazi Documents

Somebody please explain to me what “executive branch institutional interests” are… No really … Somebody explain!

I mean without  a reasonable explanation, I might  be led to believe that our government (read the president and his executive branch State Department) might  be withholding information that would help us understand how our ambassador and members of the  Benghazi security team were murdered by terrorists after the ambassador requested additional security and explained the volatility and danger of their position in Libya.

Okay … I  admit I am being  facetious. Of course they are withholding information and hiding the truth …it’s what the government does  …right?

Sadly, that is the feeling of many, perhaps most people.  The government  … our government … for, by and of the people  …is not honest and forthcoming with the people who put them in positions of trust and power.

Why should they  be? They and their willing accomplices in the media have learned over the years that we the people will accept their cute little euphemisms like “executive branch institutional interests” as long as they sound official and are spoken with the appropriately serious talking-head -announcer’s voice.

I am continually stunned with the realization that we fought a revolution for our freedom against a tyrannical monarchy and now willingly, sheepishly even, accept the political aristocracy that has taken its place. We give politicians reverence as if their position elevates them to a realm where they have been endowed with divine rights like the monarchs of old.

The saving feature of our system, our ability to bring politicians down to the level of mere mortals, is the ballot box. Unfortunately, we make little, or poor, use of our salvation.,

There is a choice for every lover of Liberty to make… Continue to vote for your own particular form of government handout or take back control of our government and vote for Freedom.

Eliminate the political aristocracy.  If necessary, vote them all out again and again until they understand that they work for us. There are no Constitutionally mandated “institutional interests” for any of the separate but equal branches of our government. The only interests are those of us  … We the People.