ISIS Execution Drowning  Why we must fight …
A basic principle of Liberty is non-aggression. As long as others do not infringe on our liberties they are free to do as they wish. I, and many others, have written about this before.

HOWEVER, when the actions of an individual or group are so brutally horrendous and despicable that they have removed themselves from the ranks of humanity and threaten our very existence… Our most basic liberty… Our right to life… Then we must act… Then we must fight.
Moral courage and responsibilities require us to remove the inhuman cancer of radical jihadist Islam from among us. Failing to do so, we fail as human beings and the Freedom and Liberty we claim to love is an empty shell that has no meaning.

ISIS Execution Drowning2
Is our society so narcissistic and self-indulgent that we can stand by and blindly ignore the depredations committed against the innocent? Are we so short- sighted that we cannot see the eventual threat to our own Liberty and right to life?

Apparently, the jihadists think that we are.

 My personal criteria for going to war is… This is a war in which I would gladly serve… This is a war in which I would support my children serving.

 In my opinion, that war is upon us.

Whether we accept the responsibility, or turn our backs on the suffering, will determine how we are judged by history and whether we are worthy of the freedoms others have paid for in blood

ISIS Depredations and Brutality