Okay….for the record…I am not a fan of the “saggy pants” look. Therefore I must be in favor of the new Louisiana law in Jefferson Davis Parish banning wearing your pants in the current mode…that is, halfway down your butt, right? Actually, not so much.


Louisiana Parrish Outlaws “Saggy Pants”

I will grant that wearing clothing in such a fashion is an act of rebellion…disrespect even. I’ll go even further. Wearing your trousers in the “saggy pants” mode is a deliberate act of rebellion against authority and the commonly accepted norms of the common folk…that would be you and me…mom and dad…the man.

It seems to be a symptom of our 21st century breakdown in society. Sorta like wearing a Zoot Suit in the 1940s…or tight jeans and hair slicked back in a ducktail style in the 1950s…or long hair and bell bottoms in the 1960s – 1970s. Not that I personally remember any of these particular styles…well, I don’t remember Zoot suits, anyway.

Get my point? Youthful rebellion is nothing new. I even engaged in it in my…well, youth. I do admit that there is something more sinister in the “gangsta” look that some youths are trying to emulate. There may even be some evidence that seeking to perfect the “gangsta” look may lead some to want to embrace the gangster lifestyle of drugs and violence. Certainly, many in that culture do seem to embrace the “saggy pants” style of wearing their clothing.

But there is a bigger principle at stake here. Passing a law to address a clothing issue is an example of how either side of the political aisle will abrogate the rights of others if it suits their agenda or tastes. Don’t like the way a bunch of idiots wear their pants? Pass a law.

That’s a much bigger danger than some rebellious youths, gangsta or not, who wear their clothing in an annoying, even disrespectful manner. Government overreach and control of personal behavior is always antithetical to the Liberties the Founders envisioned and for which they fought.

Creating another law to address a specific, non-threatening, personal behavior is merely using superiority in numbers (read votes) to create a law that will impose your will on others. No doubt, politicians love issues like this. They give them a means to gather votes at the expense of others’ rights.

Here’s the truth. There are existing laws that address indecent exposure…exposing the body indecently in public. Another law under the pretext of indecency, which is what this law does,  is unnecessary. In fact, it is a blatant effort to impose the will of some on the actions of others because…they are annoyed and they don’t like the people who dress in that style.

Sagging pants are rarely indecent…just annoying. I’ve seen more butt cracks in plumbers, carpenters and bicycle riders than I have in anyone wearing “saggy pants”. My wife even says she’s been unfortunate enough to catch sight of mine a few times while I have been engaged in some project around the house, and I emphatically do not wear “saggy pants”.

There is no “unalienable right” not to be annoyed. In short, idiots are free to look like idiots and you are free to laugh at them…or look the other way.

Understand your Liberty and its relationship to the rights of others. Anytime we try to control others, we open the door for some group with enough votes to legitimize controlling us because they are annoyed by our behavior.

Believe in freedom? Then you must believe in it for everyone.