Free or Slaves - Washington

Some ask why a writer of stories opines so frequently about freedom and liberty – It is because I am a writer…because the right to speak freely is the key to all other freedoms…because humans have a natural right to complete liberty without government control or party affiliation…because I fear that we are losing liberty with each passing election and continued reliance on government to “fix our woes”.

Republicans won, but in the end, they are merely a continuation of the status quo, pandering to voters with their own particular handouts.

The reason to have voted Republican was to counteract an imperial presidency that usurps power without even a ripple of concern from many. That does not mean that Republicans have all the answers. They must be watched with as much alacrity as Democrats.

More on political parties and party agendas in the next post. For now, let’s watch the victors as closely as we watch the losers.

In the end, I trust individuals, not groups, to act for themselves, without government regulation or party directives, agendas and platforms. And as long as they do so without interfering with my rights, I give them full sway to do as they wish.

That is freedom.

Best – Glenn