Vot for Principle - JQ Adams

From Reason, a post regarding the right of convicted felons to vote. Interesting statistics although bear in mind that allowing ex-felons to vote does not mean they all would, or that they would vote in a way that would change the outcome of any particular election. In the end, once a person has paid their debt to society (especially non-violent or non-predatory felons) should they not be returned to full status and not remain second class citizens?



I am much more concerned about allowing those who receive public assistance of any kind to vote on issues that might bring them taxpayer funds. And no, I don’t just mean recipients of food stamps and public housing. I would include corporations receiving government funds, farm subsidies, etc. Fair  is fair.

I know many will be irate at the concept. I can hear it now, “Fine grow your own food, get your own bank loan, etc. etc.”, but allowing those who receive the benefit to vote on the benefit is tantamount to giving the mugger on the corner the right to take your money simply because he is bigger or there are more of them than you.

Theft is theft unless I willingly give it, or at least have a voice in the matter. The selling and buying of votes for gain, which is what the system encourages, is the worst kind of pandering and profiteering, and foreign to the concepts of Liberty and Freedom.

Make no mistake, both sides of the aisle are complicit in buying our votes…and sadly, we allow them, even encourage them.

The right to vote, to be heard and counted, is sacred. Diminishing it through pandering and handouts diminishes our entire system.

We can discuss this more in a future post. In fact, I know that we will. For now…I am in favor of returning the right to vote to felons who have paid their debt to society.

Best – Glenn