I am waiting for the euphoric afterglow of the Republican victory to dissipate somewhat, before carrying on the discussion of Liberty, as no one will be listening for a few days.

Gratified as I am in wresting control of Congress from a party with a centralized, collectivist agenda, led by a president who fancies himself the “Boss of Bosses”, not a servant of the public sworn to uphold the liberties protected by our Constitution, I feel that I must remind you that those who have won are politicians also.

I fear that the ecstasy of many is simply the thrill of victory much the way a win by your football team make you feel. We won!

In football that is all that is required. For Liberty and Freedom to prevail, someone must watch the victors.

Who will be the watchdog?

We will continue the discussion soon, once we all catch our breath. Until then, I leave you with the words of James Madison.

Power- Madison

 Best – Glenn