November 2, 2014 –


What took so long?

The full weight of the United States government is unleashed to return a deserter, the Attorney General investigates the shooting of a thug and bully, who happens to be African American, who beat up a store owner, assaulted a police officer and was shot in the process, the President prepares an executive order declaring amnesty for illegal aliens. Andrew Tahmoressi, a young man who has faithfully served his country and put his life on the line for others, makes a wrong turn and sits in a Mexican prison for months while our president and his government by executive mandate does nothing.

Failed Leadership, or part of a bigger political agenda?

The reality is that President Obama ran on a platform that included “fundamentally changing America”.

What he did not say was that he doesn’t like America, therefore he wants to change it, remake it into a socialist state of mediocrity, where America operates in the world, not as a leader and advocate for freedom, but as a member of a society of nations subject to their whims and petty disputes. Many of the so-called nations that he bows to in tribute are tyrannical and abusive to their own populations, and we are some how supposed to accept that we will all be better off by trying to be more like them.

Americans must wake up to the reality that regardless of political party, if we truly believe in Liberty and Freedom, we must restore the government to what it was intended to be, a Constitutionally limited government in place to protect individual rights, not the power of the political aristocracy and mob rule led by the “Boss of Bosses.”

President Obama said he would “fundamentally change America”…and he meant it.

Best – Glenn