Truth Free Know - Mencken

Mythomania. It’s a real word (although my autocorrect doesn’t recognize it – look it up). It means a condition where one exaggerates or lies to an abnormal degree. Of course, that definition begs the question, what is a normal degree of lying?

Maybe we’ll talk about degrees of prevarication another time. Today, I am concerned about the plague of mythomania sweeping our country. In the midst of the highly hyped Ebola crisis, I propose that the greatest risk to our society and our freedoms is the tendency towards mythomania.

Mythomanes (people who suffer from mythomania) don’t just lie a lot. Lying is the symptom. Mythomanes live within their fantasies, walking a fine line between reality and their fabrication of reality, dwelling somewhere inside their deluded view of the world. In other words, their lies become their reality.

Sound familiar? Here are just a few examples:

  • The cause of academic freedom, requires universities to ban conservative or freedom thinking speakers from college campuses while allowing any who would propose the destruction or diminution of our freedoms
  • Health care reform will lower health costs for everyone.
  • You can keep your doctor if you want to.
  • Science has proven that humans are warming the earth unnaturally (at least the science the Mythomanes accept)
  • Some people are bad because of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. and eliminating them from the earth is acceptable because it makes the world a better place (Nazis, Communists, Fascists, Some Religions, Assorted Political Parties have all used this one to strengthen their delusions)
  • Corporations don’t pay enough taxes (ignoring the simple fact that it is really people who pay taxes for the so-called evil corporations)
  • Beheading a woman in Oklahoma and killing thirteen people at Fort Hood while screaming Allah Akbar is workplace violence, not terrorism.

Get the point? The delusions became reality for the Mythomanes of the world. It is an insidious condition. It’s eradication is critical to our survival.

Enough. It’s Sunday. I’ll keep this short and wrap it up.

The false realities we accept from the Mythomanes of the world, will destroy freedom if we do not challenge them and overcome them with truth. To my way of thinking, Liberty can only be protected and increased if we continually confront Mythomania – Lies – with the truth.

Question everything. Never accept a statement just because someone attractive, important or well-known (from either side of an argument) has presented it. That person might be the greatest Mythomane of all.

Have a good day.

Best – Glenn