I love truth. I hate political correctness. Political Correctness kills truth, burning it up sweeping the ashes under the rug, pretending that the truth never existed.

For me, the politically correct are merely modern day Book-Burners. They don’t like an idea so they fashion it into something so objectionable that it must be destroyed, hidden from view and never uttered or whispered.

Think I am being too harsh? I’ll go you one further. The Nazis, Communists, dictators, religions…and the list goes on…have all burned books in the name of protecting the rest of us from politically unsound thought. I repeat, political correctness is the equivalent of modern-day book burning.

Now we are faced with two paramount crises, the battle for survival with militant Islamists and a battle with a disease emanating from West Africa. Our response, or failure to respond, truthfully to these crises may have deadly effects.

In the first case our leaders find themselves unable to declare war on the group (I’ll say it again) Militant Islamists. For the sake of political correctness, however, we don’t…we won’t say it. We do not want to offend the billion or so other Muslims in the world. I don’t want them to be offended either, but truth is truth. They should not be offended if we articulate clearly what and whom we fight. There are people who want to kill us, destroy our society and all that we are. We should kill them first.

Instead we promise to help those who are putting their life on the line with limited airstrikes, not strategic strikes, but tactical ones. We invent a name for the operation, “Inherent Resolve”, which means…hell, I don’t know what it means.

It’s a load of rubbish and our enemies, those who would kill every one of us if they could, know it. We have no resolve. We are hamstrung by our own political correctness and refusal to name the enemy.

Then there is a disease that is so deadly that we are struggling to come to grips with controlling it while we do not offend others. We know where the disease comes from. We know how it is transmitted. Do we ban travel from that location, the  source of the disease? No. Why? Don’t kid yourself, if you think that the failure to ban travel from West Africa isn’t driven by political correctness. It is.

I don’t consider myself an alarmist. I am not running around with my hair on fire screaming for salvation from the bad germs. I am not particularly concerned, at this point, about contracting Ebola. In fact, I am almost certain that neither I nor my family and friends will contract it.

But I am concerned about the policy of allowing Political Correctness to dictate the manner in which we respond to crises. PC creates a “Head in the Sand” mentality that is dangerous to freedom.

Using, Ebola as the example, it is a deadly disease. Statistically, for every one person who has Ebola, two more will contract it. Whether we should be desperately concerned or not, common sense should dictate our course of action.

When my great grandparents came to this country at the beginning of the twentieth century, they were checked for disease and quarantined to ensure they were not incubating some deadly disease. In those days, the concern would have been smallpox, measles, tuberculosis. Today it is Ebola.

But Ebola comes from West Africa, and we absolutely do not want to offend Africans, or African Americans. Forget the reality that if Ebola came from some western democracy, or from a people that we had no qualms about offending, say old white guys (me) from Lower Slobovia (no, that’s not a real place, but my office might qualify) the travel ban would already be in place and would stay in place until we had control of the problem.

Political Correctness has been killing free speech for years. Now it may actually kill people. In the fight against militant, jihadist Islam it already certainly is.

Best – Glenn